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All About SHM-CD Format

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Since its first release in 2007, SHM-CD format has gained much popularity and been highly acclaimed by audiophiles around the world especially those who put importance on the quality of the sound the most. This page will show you all about the SHM-CD format for further understanding of it. It would be great if this page helps your next adventure to the pursuing-the-high-fidelity-audio world.

How is the SHM-CD format manufactured? Join Factory Tour

About SHM-CD

SHM-CD (Super High Material CD) is a superior quality CD fully compatible with all CD players. SHM-CD utilizes a polycarbonate material originally developed for LCD screens, and the enhanced transparency of the SHM-CD results in more clarity, depth, and definition of sound, bringing the listener ever closer to the music of the original master.

*Results may vary depending on the playback environment.

Features of the SHM-CD: Production

The injection molding system developed by JVC KENWOOD enhances the increased fluidity and greater transfer qualities of the polycarbonate, creating a new and improved disc in a compatible CD format.

  • The machine utilizes a precision master metal stamper also developed by JVC KENWOOD.

  • SHM-CD has its own production line, exclusively created for manufacturing SHM-CDs.

At JVC KENWOOD, we take pride in this meticulous production process and prioritize quality over quantity.

Features of the SHM-CD: Quality

  • Every SHM-CD is made from a highly transparent polycarbonate originally designed for LCD screens.

  • Increased fluidity and greater transfer qualities of the polycarbonate allow for finer precision in pit formation.

  • Cleaner audio signals reduce jitter and the effects of birefringence.

Birefringence is the refraction of light in two slightly different directions to form two rays, scattering the radar and leading to poor reading. The superior transparency of this polycarbonate substrate (1.2mm thick) reduces the effects of birefringence resulting in a more accurate reading by the laser (780nm).

Features of the SHM-CD: Hardware

  • Conforms to the Red Book specification and definition of a Compact Disc Digital Audio.

  • Compatible with all CD players.

  • A CD with exceptional qualities across the board.

  • Superior manufacturing process extracts the highest possible sound quality.

Features of the SHM-CD: Sound Quality

  • Crystal clear sound.

  • Significantly higher resolution.

  • Excellent balance and stability.

  • Reduction in distortion, and improvement in bass range volume.

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