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Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Lina represents a new frontier in music playback: powerful and supremely versatile, it delivers a captivating sound that is richly detailed, deeply musical, and always compelling. Its purpose-built design allows it to excel in two-channel systems as well as more intimate headphone setups, while meticulous craftsmanship and world-renowned dCS technologies guarantee the finest levels of audio performance. Choose from a DAC, Headphone Amplifier, and Master Clock - available together or separately - and experience a spectacular performance, however you choose to listen.

Lina System

Enjoy the full Lina experience with a Network Streaming DAC, Class AB Headphone Amplifier, and Grade 1 Master Clock.

  • Designed and hand-assembled in the United Kingdom

  • Engineered for unrivaled musicality, performance, and reliability

  • Can be paired with loudspeakers or headphones

Key Features

  • Network DAC plays music from any digital source and supports hi-res streaming via Roon, Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, TIDAL, Internet Radio, and Apple AirPlay

  • Solid state Headphone Amplifier ensures optimal performance with a vast range of headphones, from IEMs through to reference-level over ears

  • Lina Master Clock delivers precise and stable reference signal, for enhanced sound quality when streaming and listening via USB

  • Proprietary dCS technologies including the dCS Ring DAC™ and Digital Processing Platform ensure spectacular sound and exceptional measured performance

  • Flexible, FPGA-based architecture and state-of-the-art electronics ensure a long product lifespan through continual software updates and new features

  • Modular design allows you to configure your system to suit your space, arranging units vertically or side by side

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