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Hi-Res Audio Group

Hi-Res Audio Facebook Group is a community of audio enthusiasts and audiophiles who share their experiences, reviews, information, and recommendations about Amplifiers, DACs and DAPs, Streamers, Headphones, Speakers, High-End, Audio, Vinyl, CD, MQA, and DSD. Streaming and FLAC music, Cables, and other accessories. Doing for the Music Lover, Intelligent Listener, and HiFi Audio Enthusiast. High-Resolution Audio Project - Blog, News, and Reviews High-Resolution Audio Equipment such as Amplifiers, DACs, Streamers, Headphones, Loudspeakers, High-End Audio, and High-Quality Audio Sources such as Vinyl, FLAC, SACD, MQA, DSD, Tidal, Qobuz, and Apple Music.

It's the right place for people who love high-quality audio. Group members can also ask for advice and recommendations, and get help from other members with technical issues or questions.

Note: This is an actively moderated group. Anything deemed out of line will be removed at the admin team’s discretion.

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