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HIFI ROSE RA280 Integrated Amplifier Review

The HIFI ROSE RA280 Integrated Amplifier, the latest offering from the Korean brand, is making waves in the audio community. Drawing inspiration from the success of its predecessor, the RA180, the RA280 continues the legacy with its refined design and innovative technology.

Design and Build Quality:

The RA280 boasts an elegant industrial aesthetic that effortlessly complements any modern listening space. The sturdy aluminum chassis not only adds weight and solidity but also effectively isolates electronic circuitry from surrounding interferences. The top-mounted vents not only contribute to the design's character but also aid in efficient heat dissipation.

Amplification Technology:

Utilizing HiFi Rose's advanced Class AD design with GaN FET technology, the RA280 brings a minimalist and opinion-dividing approach to amplification. The Class AD amplifier, a step beyond traditional Class D, employs Gallium Nitride FETs for improved efficiency, higher output, and enhanced noise and distortion measurements.


The RA280 doesn't compromise on performance, featuring separate 250W (4Ω and 8Ω) amplifier modules per channel, delivering a total system power of 500W. The HiFi Rose-designed two-stage analog filter minimizes carrier noise associated with Class D amplifiers, ensuring a clearer and cleaner sound across the frequency range.

Tone Controls and Connectivity:

The front panel offers Bass and Treble tone controls, providing users with the flexibility to tailor the sound to their preferences. With one balanced and three unbalanced inputs, a built-in phono stage, subwoofer output, trigger connections, and a grounding post, the RA280 offers a comprehensive range of features and connectivity options.

Power Supply:

The power supply, initially developed for the flagship RA180, incorporates Silicon Carbide FET technology for high output efficiency with low heat generation. Responding well to power delivery fluctuations, the 2.5kW class PFC circuit and high-capacity condenser ensure stable performance.

Technical Specifications:

Amplifier Out: 250W x 2ch (500W) at 4Ω and 8Ω

Input Sensitivity: Balanced Input 600mV, Unbalanced Input 300mV, Phono (MM) Input 5mV

Impedance Input: 47kΩ for all inputs

THD: 0.007% (@ 125W)

Damping Factor: >250

Signal to Noise Ratio: Balanced, Unbalanced: 109dB, Phono MM: 85dB

Output Impedance: 30mΩ

Tone Control: Bass (@100Hz) / Treble (@10kHz) ±15dB

Size: 430 x 355 x 103mm

Weight: 9.5kg


The HIFI ROSE RA280 Integrated Amplifier impresses with its sophisticated design, innovative technology, and powerful performance. With a comprehensive set of features and a focus on sound quality, this amplifier is a noteworthy addition to any audio enthusiast's setup, especially considering its affordability in the high-end audio market.

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