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TechDAS Air Force III Premium S

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

TechDAS Air Force III Premium S Turntable

Building on the success of our hugely popular model – the Air Force III Premium, we can announce the additional variant: Air Force III Premium S. The S model features our newly designed suspension feet which enhance the flexibility of installation in various environments as well as improving the sound performance by achieving higher vibration isolation.

Weighing over 50 kilograms including the platter, the Air Force III Premium S sits on the new suspension feet that provide a robust platform and outstanding vibration isolation. The Air Force III Premium is thus available in two versions, the Air Force III Premium with rigid type feet and Air Force III Premium S. The choice of which model to choose can depend on the installation environment. The suspension feet are also offered separately as a set of 4 pieces to existing Air Force III Premium owners who desire to upgrade their turntables with these new feet.

About TechDAS & Stella Inc.

TechDAS is the house brand of Stella Inc., the premier distributor of high-end audio in Japan. Stella Inc. is designing and developing TechDAS products to rediscover the joy of audio and re-activate high-end audio.

The brand is working towards the fulfillment of our dream, to offer what is truly valuable to users. All products are made in Japan and combine the latest technology and subtle craftsmanship that elevates the enjoyment of music to an art form.

Stella Group Announces The Passing Of Hideaki Nishikawa.

The press release from Stella Group reads as follows:

“It is with great sadness that Stella Inc. and Zephyrn Inc. announce our mentor, colleague, and former CEO Hideaki Nishikawa passed away on the morning of 28th June 2023 surrounded by his loving family. Hideaki was 81 years old. He had been receiving medical treatment after suffering from respiratory failure. We extend our deepest sympathies to his family”.


Hideaki was a very accomplished designer and a visionary and talented entrepreneur. He co-founded Stellavox Japan (current Stella Inc.) as an importer/distributor of high-end audio components to Japan in 1989. In 2001, he established Zephyrn Inc. and then started a house brand TechDAS in 2010. Under the TechDAS brand, he developed and designed a number of award-winning analog Air Force turntables.

The TechDAS Air Force Zero premiered in 2019 and was his “statement of analog audio”, fulfilling his lifetime dream of the ultimate record reproduction, to which he devoted all his energy and decades of accomplishments.


“He had a profound knowledge and experiences of audio and pursued the way towards absolute excellence in audio driven by passion, without any compromise. He devoted himself to bringing his goal to fruition, with superior sensitivity, creativity, and insight into everything. His energy and ambition always inspired and encouraged us to work toward the same goal.

Stella Group Announces The Passing Of Hideaki Nishikawa

Hideaki Nishikawa

At the same time, he was very cheerful and open-minded with generosity and warmth in nature. He loved traveling to meet a lot of friends in the audio community across the world to inspire each other. Spending time together with friends always gave him great pleasure. He was loved and respected by his friends and every one of us. We feel it was a great privilege to work closely with Hideaki”.


Hideaki’s vision for the company will be continued by everyone at Stella Group, led by Tsutomu Horikawa, CEO of Stella Inc, and Kohei Ando, CEO of Zephyrn Inc.

This is very sad news and we extend our condolences to the family and colleagues of Hideaki Nishikawa.

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