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A Couple of Words About the So-Called Headphones “Warming” Process.

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

A Couple of Words About the So-Called Headphones “Warming”  Process

Thought to write in a separate post.

I want to say a couple of words about the so-called Headphones “warming” process. Have never heard anyone say anything more specific about the headphones warm-up process. They simply copy each other's standard phrases like “and after N hours of warming up, the sound got better”.

Why? Thought?

What are headphones? Never mind, with the DD (Dynamic Driver), BA(Balanced Armature), or Planar Magnetic. This is an electro-mechanical system and this is a fact.

In other words, “warming up” the headphone is a run-in of the electromechanical system and its parts. It looks like an engine break-in where all the parts are lapped. And sure, after “warming up” (running-in), our system should improve the quality of the return by at least a little.

How does the "warming" of the electrical part of the headphones

DD or BA - coil winding influence, in my opinion, has a minimal effect on the overall running-in process.

This is especially true for planar headphones (what is there to warm up in a metalized film?)

Here is my opinion about part of the “warming” process.


To prevent the "holy war" to start, I'll warn you right away - your opinion is welcome, regardless of whether it coincides with the publication or not. But any attempts to arrange insults, mock, or accusations will be stopped!

You are all adults (at least if you can buy so expensive equipment sometimes ;-) )

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