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The Beosystem 72-23: Nordic Dawn Limited Edition

Bang and Olufsen unveil Beosystem 72-23 Nordic Dawn system.

Timeless, for 50 years and counting Bang & Olufsen is expanding its Recreated Classics Program with the launch of BeoSystems – a limited edition music system that transcends time by bridging the gap between one of our iconic designs from 1972 and today’s cutting-edge digital technology.

We are very excited to introduce Beosystem 72-23 Nordic Dawn Limited Edition. A new beginning for an iconic product, truly designed to last and to build connectivity that can be timeless. The system brings together the analogue music format of vinyl and the digital universe of music streaming in a convenient and sophisticated way. The Beosystem 72-23 offers more than 50 years of design and sound engineering seamlessly connected in one customized package showcasing timeless connectivity.

A timeless work of art At the core of the system, there is still the Beogram 4000c turntable, recreated in a unique triple copper tone aluminium finish in the tone of honey, ginger and amber. The aluminium finish is combined with a crafted solid Birch wood panel reflecting a light, clean and minimalistic Nordic touch. The turntable is accompanied by a modern pair of Beolab 28 speakers customized in matching Ginger Tone and Birch Wood finish to deliver a refined stereo sound experience.

An integrated, collectable classic

Consisting of the recreated version of the Beogram 4000c turntable – this time individually customised by hand in pearl-blasted titanium tone aluminium and solid walnut wood – combined with matching, state-of-the-art Beolab 18 stereo speakers and a Beoremote Halo remote control, this fully integrated music system embraces the brilliance of Jacob Jensen’s 1972 vision and reimagines it for 2022’s discerning music lovers. The system comes in a solid walnut presentation box, which doubles as a turntable stand, Halo remote charging station and wireless connectivity hub. This enables content to be streamed when the turntable isn’t in use – a perfect example of Bang & Olufsen’s belief that classic design should live together with contemporary innovation. The walnut box can also be used as an elegant storage cabinet for records – and, to help owners with their collection, we’ve hand-picked four albums released in 1972 – a pivotal year for music in more ways than one –that have become all-time classics. It only feels right that they come housed within another classic.

Available to buy now for £55,000, you can find out more about the Beosystem 72-23 Nordic Dawn system here []

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