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Wilson Audio Alexx V

Wilson's engineering team went through each of the critical sub-systems found in the Alexx® and upgraded, or re-engineered, many of its components. Here are some highlights:

  • All X-Material enclosures with V-Material nested in strategic locations (top of the woofer, in gantry cross-brace, and in the new Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode™ Spike). Vibration control and upper module isolation akin to what is found in the Chronosonic XVX provide amazing settling between the notes.

  • There have been several crossover changes. With fewer components now in the signal path we fine-tuned and modified the system for better Impedance and Sensitivity measurements— From a minimum impedance measurement of 1.5 ohms (Alexx) to 2.0 ohms (Alexx V) and +1dB more sensitive than Alexx Series 1.

Wilson Audio Acoustic Diodes

Introducing the Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode. An all-new spike system launched with Alexx V, which has been completely upgraded from our standard spike system, and features a novel combination of austenitic stainless steel and V-Material. This coupling system was created by Wilson Audio’s Special Applications Engineering® (WASAE) division and has superlative vibration management that reveals far greater dynamic nuances across the entire frequency spectrum.

Process of Handcrafting Alexx V Gantry

Alexx V is an extraordinarily adaptable design. Carrying over elements from its larger siblings, such as the XLF reversible woofer port and independently adjustable modules, allow this system to be elegantly tailored to your listening room. These tools built into the DNA of Alexx V allow for greater ease of installation into a wider variety of listening spaces, thus permitting the listener to truly experience the depth and ability of this system.


The open architecture gantry first launched with WAMM Master Chronosonic, followed by Chronosonic XVX, has now found a home with Alexx V. Not only does this benefit the overall appearance of the loudspeaker, but critically, it also enhances the overall rigidity of the entire upper module section and minimizes pressure trapped behind the enclosures, resulting in greater fidelity. Easier access to the upper modules makes for quicker adjustments. Similar to our innovative lighting solution (Sono 1™ from Coolfall®) featured in Chronosonic XVX, Alexx V has an illuminated cross brace at the rear of the gantry, which aids in speaker module setup and time-alignment fine-tuning.

Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode

Building upon the research and development of Pedestal, the Special Applications Engineering Team is excited to announce the Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode™ (AD Spike for short). At the heart of the Acoustic Diode is our proprietary “V-Material.” This superior constrained layer-damping composite is unsurpassed in vibration absorption and resonance control.

Energy from the enclosure migrates into the V-Material where it is faced with the effective damping properties of this efficient material. The mass of the loudspeaker concentrated onto the very small ends of the spike tips results in significant levels of PSI that prevent detrimental vibrations from traveling upward into the footer. Those vibrations that do travel up the spike are absorbed by the mass of the Acoustic Diode and have to travel through the V-Material to have a chance to influence the enclosure.

Keeping the spike and threaded post separate prevents a direct path for vibrations to travel, or interplay, and are therefore dissipated and absorbed in either the V-Material or the footer housing. This distinctive design, combined with advanced vibration-mitigating materials, provides the best of both worlds; a solid base from which the drivers can launch as well as preventing the transmission of energy from the floor to the loudspeakers.

  • Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode Specs

  • Materials Proprietary "V-Material” & Austenitic Stainless Steel

  • Dimensions Height = 2 1/32" – 2 17/32” (5.16 cm - 6.43 cm) Diameter = 2 5/16" (5.87 cm)

  • Weight Per Unit 12 oz (0.34 kg) 8 Units / Box

  • Available Thread Sizes Standard 1/2"-13 Additional Sizes Available Upon Request: 3/8"-16 5/16"-18 1/4"-20 M6 M8 M10 M12 M14

  • Available Color Options Natural Stainless Steel Carbon Black


Woofers One—10 1/2 inch (26.67 cm) One—12 1/2 inch (31.75 cm) Midrange Two—7 inch (17.78 cm) / 5 3/4 inch (14.61 cm) Tweeter One—1 inch (2.54 cm)

Enclosures & Materials

Enclosure Type Woofer XLF port, adjustable Rear or Front firing Enclosure Type Midrange Lower: Rear Vented / Upper: Rear Vented Enclosure Type Tweeter Sealed


Sensitivity 92 dB @ 1W @ 1 meter @1 kHz Nominal Impedance 4 ohms, 2.0 ohms minimal @ 250 Hz Minimum Amplifier Power 50 Watts per channel Frequency Response +/- 3 dB 20 Hz - 32 kHz


Height 63 5/16 inches (161 cm) Width 15 3/4 inches (40 cm) Depth 27 29/32 inches (68 cm) System Weight (Per Channel) 500 lbs each (226.80 kg) Total System Shipping Weight (Approximate) 1,400 lbs pair (635.03 kg)

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