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FiiO FX 15

FiiO is introducing the brand new FX15, which is the company's latest Flagship Hybrid Driver IEM.

The FX15 is equipped with Six Drivers per earpiece that is a combination of 4x Electrostatic (SONION) + 1x 10MM DLC Dome Dynamic Driver + 1x Balanced Armature Driver (Knowles). The FX15 is also the first Triple Driver Product of the company and also the first IEM that features EST (Electrostatic) Drivers in the company’s product line. The FiiO FX15 is the first product from FiiO to feature EST implementation.

The drivers are located inside a semi-custom cavity with a Trigonometric Design made from high-quality resin material printed with the latest DLP-3D printing technology.

The monitors are designed in collaboration with HeyGears.


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