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Mechanical precision and electronic mastery unified

MBL’s N31 CD-DAC elevates the soundtracks to your life by seamlessly combining world-class CD transport with a state-of-the-art digital-to-analog converter – all in a stylish, sculpted chassis. Using XLR, RCA, optical, or USB inputs, the N31 CD-DAC processes digital signals with sample rates up to 24-bit/192 KHz, or using NativeDSD. The USB inputs have been skillfully designed to extract digital data stored on an iPhone or iPad – bit-perfect, error-free, every time – while the N31’s optional Roon Module allows connection to a local network and provides background information on its color display, such as album art and title tracks.

Every feature of the N31 is dedicated to the delivery of pure, room-filling sound, beginning with the choice of three exceptional digital filter variants, each of which can be selected through the soft keys or the remote. An ingeniously dampened CD drive suspension protects the laser optics and CDs from vibration, while the heart of the N31 boasts a D/A converter design that combines the advantages of Multi-Bit and 1-bit Delta/Sigma technology.

Yet even the finest digital components are helpless in the face of CDs or digital files with improperly mastered signals, which can force the converter to “clip” or distort from successive intersample overloads. Not the N31. The building blocks of its converter have been developed with MBL’s one-of-a-kind True Peak Technology, which guarantees that distortion-laden clipping effects never interfere with your listening pleasure.

These unique features reflect the obsessive attention to detail applied by our component design team. Their intense focus on eliminating disruptive influences – like deleterious ultra-high frequencies that can produce distortions in the sensitive analog circuits – led to the N31’s capability of seamlessly putting any unused circuitry into sleep mode. The crystal oscillators are activated only as required.

Ultra-adept and laden with impressive features, the N31 CD-DAC is more than a single piece of circuit wizardry that delivers superior sound. It’s a distinguished CD player, a superlative DAC, and, optionally, a Roon Ready streaming endpoint that embodies the culmination of many hard-earned improvements and innovations – winning features in an exceptional product of German engineering.

State-of-the-Art Digital Analogue Converter

1-Bit or Multi-Bit technology? It’s a purist’s debate where both converter principles have their pros and cons. 1-bit converters work more precisely at low signal levels, while 18, 20, or 24-bit converters flaunt their dynamic prowess at high signal levels. The N31 CD-DAC combines the best of both worlds with classic MBL ingenuity. The switchover from the 1-bit to the multi-bit converter doesn’t suddenly occur at a certain signal level. Instead, it’s distributed over four paths that switch at four different levels, delivering a gentle, imperceptible transition from digital to analog with the utmost adherence to faithful sound reproduction.

Optional network input with Roon

Say goodbye to the days when high-end sound and ease of use were incompatible. With Roon, your stored music files merge with those from your streaming service and your MBL high-end music system. Everything is one, with ease of operation from your smartphone or tablet.

When it comes to different music formats that your hardware may not readily distinguish, Roon does the work for you by instantly recognizing the possibilities of the hardware and smoothly adapting the signal to the highest possible quality and consistency

All the benefits of Roon are now available as an option on the N31 CD-DAC, ready to be combined with the brilliant sound of your MBL music system.

The MBL N31 at a glance

  • Psycho-acoustically optimized digital and analog filters

  • 24-bit resolution, up to 192 kHz sample rates, DSD64

  • 3 stages of jitter reduction

  • 3 user-selectable digital filter settings

  • Group delay-optimized analog output filter

  • Fully balanced signal path from the DA converter to the output stage

  • True Peak Technology creates headroom for Intersample Overloads

  • Roon module (optional) rendering DAC as streaming endpoint

  • Backlit remote control with rotary volume dial

  • MBL Smartlink capable

  • 5” TFT Color Display for track information, text recognition, album artwork

  • 1 VA “green” standby

  • $ 18,500

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