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Unboxing the iFi ZEN Streamer: First Impressions and Brief Review

The iFi Audio ZEN Stream is a formidable addition to the ZEN series, showcasing a focus on streaming. With its DAC collaboration, this device transforms any WiFi-connected gadget into a remote control, enabling high-resolution music streaming from various sources. Whether it’s Spotify, Deezer, or service-specific modes like Tidal Masters, the ZEN Stream covers all your streaming needs.

Underneath its elegant exterior, the ZEN Stream is a technological powerhouse. Offering true hi-res performance with PCM384/DSD256 via WiFi/LAN, its open-source architecture ensures future-proofing through constant updates. The streamlined design, featuring two USB 3.0 ports with Active Noise Cancellation II, S/PDIF out with iPurifier, and Silent Power tech in the power supply, contributes to its cutting-edge capabilities.

The ZEN Stream’s software platform is meticulously optimized, allowing exclusive modes for specific operations, minimizing ‘software jitter’ and ensuring top-notch sonic performance. It stands out as an all-in-one solution, supporting DLNA streaming, NAA streaming, Roon Ready, and Tidal streaming.

Connectivity options are extensive, supporting Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, DLNA-certified streaming apps, Airplay, Chromecast (future update), and Roon compatibility. Powered by a robust 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex microprocessor and incorporating technologies like Active Noise Cancellation II and iPurifier, the ZEN Stream boasts serious horsepower beneath its unassuming exterior.

In summary, the iFi Audio ZEN Stream impresses with its seamless operation, extensive connectivity, and powerful hardware, making it a masterful addition to the world of streaming devices.

For more details, you can visit their website: iFi Audio ZEN Stream

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