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Western Electric 91E Integrated Amplifier

The Western Electric 91E Integrated Amplifier with its interesting form factor redefines high-fidelity audio with cutting-edge technology and innovative design. Built to complement the Western Electric 300B tube, this Class A, single-ended amplifier delivers unparalleled performance. The Steered Current Source Technology (SCS) revolutionizes power output, offering double the conventional capacity while eliminating common transformer limitations. This advancement unveils rich midrange details and impeccably rendered frequencies.

A unique feature is the Stepped Logarithmic Attenuator, mimicking human hearing response. Discrete resistors configure a ladder-like attenuator, ensuring a logarithmic signal reduction. The Interchangeable Transformer Block enables impedance matching for fidelity enhancement. Choose from 4-ohm, 8-ohm, or 16-ohm transformers, maintaining lower winding capacitance for superior performance.

The LCD Display provides user-friendly control, showcasing input selection, attenuator level, and VU meter readings. This display, adjustable for brightness, complements the included infrared Remote Control, facilitating quick adjustments such as input levels, balance, and dimming.

Connect up to six source devices simultaneously for versatile operation. Auto-Bias functionality ensures optimum performance by automatically biasing the 300B tubes upon power-up, eliminating manual adjustments. Embrace wireless convenience with BT-compatible audio input.

The 91E's superiority is rooted in patented circuit design, enabling noise-free operation and twice the power of traditional 300B amplifiers. This amplifier stands as a new classic, fusing quality American craftsmanship with pioneering features. Plus, it ships with new production 300B tubes, a testament to its commitment to excellence.

Experience the Western Electric 91E Integrated Amplifier—a masterpiece that revitalizes audio fidelity and reimagines amplifier technology.

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